Board Members

All board members serve as unpaid volunteers devoting their time to managing the Authority and its business as a matter of public service. Each authority member receives an expense allowance of $50 for each month he attends the monthly meeting.

JOHN MININGER (1997 - ) Chairman. Quakertown subcommittee. Resides Steinsburg, Pa, Milford Township. Is a partner in a wholesale lumber company, Sherwood Forest Products Ltd. Holds a commercial pilot license with single engine land and instrument airplane ratings. Has held a pilot's license since 1986. John currently a owns a Mooney 201 based at Quakertown Airport.


Steve LindroothSTEVE LINDROOTH (2018 - ) Steve resides in Bedminster township and has been a pilot for United Airlines since 1985. He also holds glider, helicopter and flight instructor ratings as well as airframe and powerplant mechanics ratings with an inspection authorization. Steve and his wife Juliet also own and fly airplanes based at both Doylestown and Van Sant airports.


PAUL STAVRIDES (2016 - ) Assitant Treasurer. Resides in Hartsville, Pa. He holds a commercial pilot’s license and instrument rating.  By vocation, Paul is an IT and eCommerce consultant. Paul has about 20 years of municipal expericence on the Warwick Township Water & Sewer Authority where he is currently chairman. Paul is active with the Doylestown Pilot Association and is a past president.  Paul currently owns a Beechcraft Baron based at Doylestown Airport, Doylestown, Pa


LOU MCKAY (2008 - ) Vice Chairman. Lou McKay’s entrée into aviation came when close friend and mentor Dawson Ransome – owner of Ransome Airlines – gave him his first ride in a biplane. McKay remembers it being the best view of Bucks County he had ever had. Inspired by his experience, McKay went on to earn his pilot certificate from Vansant Airport in 1992 A long-time veteran of the transportation industry, McKay works for Honeywell International Bendix in sales and business development – a position he has held since 1985. Prior to this, he was employed by AlliedSignal in Washington, D.C. McKay, a resident of Bedminster Township, serves on the board for the Bedminster Municipal Authority and is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association, and the Experimental Aircraft Association. In his role as a member of the Bucks County Airport Authority Board, McKay brings a passion for aviation and a commitment to hard work. He considers it an honor to serve on the BCAA Board and looks forward to helping BCAA continue to serve its mission of providing a safe and efficient aviation infrastructure for Bucks County businesses and residents.


PAUL TOLLINI (1999 - ) Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Doylestown subcommittee. Resides in Bedminster Township. Professional pilot. Holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with airplane, helicopter, glider and seaplane ratings. Also holds a flight instructor certificate. Learned to fly at Warrington Airport, which closed and is now part of the Warrington Quarry.


Geoffrey A. Grahm, Esquire


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